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What to Expect at Your Family Photography Session | East Bay Area Family Photographer|

Hooray, your session is booked! As your East Bay Area Family Photographer, I can't wait to get to know you and your family while creating lasting photo memories together! I know it can be a bit overwhelming and stressful to plan your photography session, so I want to make it as simple, easy, and enjoyable as possible.

Welcome Guide

Once you have booked your date, filled out your questionnaire, signed your contract and paid your retainer, you will receive my Welcome Guide to help guide you through the entire process. This will include a timeline, reminders and lots of tips for a successful photo session!

Styling Assistance

Next, you will receive an email with my Style Guide packed full of styling advice and suggestions as well as a link to my exclusive online styling tool, Style and Select. Feel free to share your ideas, questions and concerns with me as you choose your wardrobe. I know it can be one of the most daunting parts of the process and I'd love to help!

Location Selection

Next, I'll send you a selection of location choices based on your questionnaire answers. I have spent countless hours scouting out the best locations for photography sessions in our area! This includes studying the lighting, sunset times, the position of the sun, accessibility, parking, etc. You can be assured that the location we use will provide a beautiful backdrop for the stars of the show: you and your family! Once you have selected your location, I will provide you with the address/directions and the exact time we will meet. (For Mini and Petite Sessions, a beautiful location will be selected by me.)

Before Your Photography Session

If you have any questions about your session, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and ask. It's so important to me that you feel prepared and comfortable!

A few tips:

Get outfits steamed/ironed and laid out the night before. Choose your shoes, too! Don't wait until you're about to walk out the door for this detail.

Map out the location ahead of time so you know where you're going. You'll want to be on time or a little early.

Let your kids know what you're headed to do. Keep it fun and upbeat! Show them a picture of me so they know who to expect.

What if the weather is bad? I keep a close eye on the weather forecast! If it will be raining, we'll reschedule for the next available day that works for us both. If the forecast will be in the triple digits, we'll reschedule. No one wants to be hot and sweaty for their photos! I don't typically reschedule for overcast days-those can actually produce some beautiful photos! If it is crazy windy, we'll reschedule, but some wind can actually add some magic to your photos!

The Day of Your Photography Session

The day has finally arrived! The location is set, outfits are chosen and ready to go! Now you just have to arrive ready to make some magic. My goal is to capture your real-life connections, joy, laughter, love and emotion. There will be some posed shots with everyone smiling at the camera, but during most of our session together you will play, explore, dance, snuggle and laugh while I document your family’s true personalities. I’ll help guide you into natural-looking moments that capture the essence of your family.

Some Key Tips:

Arrive on time. We will be moving through the location to capture the best light at every spot and will need to allow time for walking, talking and posing.

Let kids be kids. Photo sessions can be overwhelming or scary for little kids. Letting them take the time to explore the area and get to know me at their own pace can make all the difference. Don't yell. They can sense your mood and will pick up on it. Try to keep a positive and upbeat attitude so they can match that.

Bring water and non-messy snacks for kids. Feed kids (and adults!) before the session as well.

Bring a bag or something to stash phones/wallets/hairbrush, etc. I will be having everyone empty pockets to ensure smooth clothing!

Be prepared to spend about an hour with me. Sometimes we can capture everything in a shorter amount of time, but most likely won't go over an hour.

Go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Try to be in the moment with your loved ones and follow my prompts to achieve those gorgeous lifestyle photographs. If something feels awkward just let me know and we will adjust. :) I want you to be comfortable!

Gallery Delivery Day!

About 3 weeks after your photography session, you will receive a password-protected online gallery of your fully edited photographs! If you had a full session, the digital images will be ready for download along with instructions on how to do it. If you had a mini session, you'll need to choose your images and then you'll receive your images for download. Your gallery also has an online store attached, where you can purchase beautiful professional-quality prints. I use a professional print lab to ensure the best quality and truest colors.

Tips For Your Digital Image Gallery

Download and Back Up

Download your high resolution digital images and be sure to have a backup in place.

Order Prints

You can order professional quality prints and print products directly from your gallery! This guarantees the best and most true to color prints. Share with family so they can order their own prints, too!

Share On Social Media

It's so much fun to share those photographs with your online friends! I'd love a tag to help spread the word about my small business!

Don't Screenshot Your Images

We both put a lot of time and effort into this beautiful photo session! Screenshots produce poor quality images. Download them instead!

Don't Order Prints From Unprofessional Labs

This is not the time for Walmart or CVS! You have invested a lot of time, money and effort into this professional photo session and I recommend ordering directly from your online gallery.I use a professional print lab called Miller's Professional Imaging. The quality is superb! When you order from me directly, the color and quality are guaranteed.

If you choose to order from outside of your online gallery, I recommend a professional print lab such as MPIX or Bay Photo.

For more on this topic: Read the blog.

I am looking forward to working with you and your family! Would you like to see some photography sessions I've done in the East Bay Area? Here are some favorites:

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