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What to Wear to Your Photo Session

Wardrobe is an important part of making your photo session a success. When you choose outfits you love and feel good in, you will love your photographs even more. Here are some tips to help your session turn out beautifully.

Feeling your best in your outfit can make or break your photo session. Choosing outfits you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in will make all the difference!

Comfort is so important. When deciding what to wear to your photo session, choose clothing that allows you to move freely without shifting, bunching or falling down. I will be using prompts such as walking, twirling, sitting, cuddling, etc. so it's important to be able to do that comfortably.

Dress up! I suggest wearing something dressier than your everyday wear. Dresses on women and girls always look great! Outfits that are flowy and show a lot of movement can create magical images. Stay away from stiff and tight fabrics. If you aren't a dress person, nice pants and a dressy top look beautiful as well. Men should stick to pants but shorts on little boys is ok.

I suggest starting with Mom's outfit, OR whomever is the most picky and then build from there. You should choose colors that COORDINATE, not MATCH. Think of a color palette of a few coordinating colors, rather than everyone in jeans and the same color shirt.

Jewel tones, earth tones and neutrals are some of my favorites and look beautiful with my editing style. Neon colors almost never photograph well. One or two different patterns are totally ok, as long as the colors coordinate. Don't mix the same patterns twice. i.e. all boys in plaid or all girls in floral. Instead, mix a pattern with a different pattern (stripes and florals).

Textures photograph beautifully and can make your photo session pop. Lace, chunky knits, crochet, wool, faux fur, etc. can add interest to your wardrobe. Layers such as scarves, cardigans, hair bows or shawls look beautiful.

Shoes are important, too! Athletic shoes should be avoided. Leather shoes, sandals, wedges, boots and booties are great options.

Accessories. Don't forget your favorite earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Cover baby's diaper with bloomers or tights. Make sure nails are clean. If painted, make sure the polish is not chipped.

Try on clothes well in advance so you can switch it up if you need to. Move around to make sure it works for lifestyle shots and different angles.

Finally, steam or iron your clothing the night before so it's ready to go!


Coordinate Colors

Be Comfortable

Dress it up

1 or 2 different patterns

Add textures and accessories

Clean nails

Nice shoes

Try on ahead

Steam or iron


Matching colors

Everyone in jeans

Neon colors

Too similar of patterns (multiple plaid)


Athletic wear/shoes

Visible diaper (add bloomers or tights)

Wrinkly clothing

When you book a photo session with me, you'll get access to an exclusive online styling tool, Style and Select. You can shop directly from the site or simply use the suggestions as visual inspiration to shop from your own closet at home or your favorite clothing stores. Some of my favorite clothing stores for photo-ready clothing are Target, Amazon, Joyfolie and Baltic Born.

Remember, photographs should be beautiful and timeless, which means your outfits should be, too!

For even more inspiration, visit my portfolio!


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