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Candid +Storytelling Photo Gallery | Fall Family Photo Session in Concord, CA

candid photo of a family walking on a hilltop

How do you achieve candid and storytelling photos? It's easier than you may think! Just focus on your family, not the camera! I'll always get the smiling-at-the-camera "Christmas card" shot, but the majority of your session will revolve around you connecting with your family. This involves looking at each other, laughing, touching, moving, hugging, embracing, cuddling, among many other beautiful ways for families to connect. As your session unfolds, I'll follow your cues to determine the best and most natural ways to prompt you and showcase your family's unique story.

mom and dad kissing in a field

How to achieve the breathtaking candid photos you dream of

You may think "our family is too awkward" for those beautiful storytelling photos. Believe me, I've been there! But with some preparation, you can have them! Come to your session with a positive mindset, ready to let the session unfold naturally. Let go of any expectations of perfection, and truly enjoy the moment with your family. Let your kids be kids, and savor their unique moods, quirks, and habits. Allow your kids to truly be themselves and remember to look at them with love and joy, even if they're not doing exactly what you want. Kids can be unpredictable, so when they are ready, you want to be ready, an not scowling or frowning. When everyone is free to be themselves, we are able to capture those playful, heartwarming, moody, joyful photographs that will become your favorites!

kids running through a field, laughing

Although we refer to these photos as candid, they are actually crafted through thoughtful planning. Your Fall family photo session in Concord, CA will take place at a gorgeous location at golden hour, setting the stage with amazing and flattering light. I'll give you prompts and help guide you into beautiful poses that highlight your family's love and connection. Depending on your family's dynamic and the ages of your children, this may include games like red light, green light, or simple instructions such as "tuck your wife's hair behind her ear" or "look at the family member with the messiest room!" These prompts are meant to achieve movement, laughter, connection, and tenderness. I always like to include walking in your session because it provides so much natural movement and interaction.

family dancing on a hilltop

Capture your family's magic with a Fall Family Photo Session in Concord, CA

If you approach your photo session with a relaxed, loving, and playful mindset, the candid and storytelling photos will fall right into place.

Reach out today to start planning your own storytelling photo session!

family petting a dog on a hilltop in concord, ca


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