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Photo Session on an Overcast Day | Walnut Creek Family Photographer

family playfully cuddling on a log at a park on an overcast Fall day.

Embracing the Clouds with your Walnut Creek Family Photographer

Oftentimes, you may be disappointed to wake up on your photo session day to an overcast sky. Most people associate bright, sunny skies with the perfect photo session conditions. But in all honesty, a dramatic, gray, overcast sky can make for some truly magical photographs!

The clouds essentially turn the sun into a giant softbox. This means we get big, beautiful diffused light with lovely soft shadows. This helps create even tones and makes colors look bold and saturated. So, if you end up with an overcast sky on the day of your shoot, let's embrace it and make some beautiful magic!

This was my second time working with this family and we had a blast at this cute park in Walnut Creek, California. Mom and Dad allowed the kids to have fun, be a little wild, and be themselves. This helped me capture amazing, playful, joy-filled photographs, showcasing their true spirit as a family.

Are you ready to schedule your family photo session? Visit my Walnut Creek Family Photographer booking site to explore the available dates. I can't wait to see you!


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