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Overcome Common Worries for Your Best Photo Session Yet! {Family Photographer in Concord, CA}

Thinking about booking a photo session can be overwhelming and bring on all kinds of worried thoughts about what could go wrong. But your photo session can be smooth, easy, and even FUN! Here I'll address some of the most common concerns I've heard from clients over the years. Let's make your next photo session pleasant and memorable, and one that even your husband will enjoy!

We've Never Had Family Photos Taken Before

I have heard this many times! I find joy in showing people what a great experience they can have at a family photo session. I will guide you through the process from start to finish. I have multiple East Bay Area locations to choose from to ensure a beautiful backdrop. I will help you with your wardrobe. I will help you with your posing. Leave the nitty-gritty details to me. I love showing families that photo sessions can be fun and easy, with beautiful results they'll treasure for a lifetime, and it doesn't have to be difficult. I have a blog post explaining my process here.

We Have No Idea What to Wear

I've got you! I have created a Style Guide, which goes in-depth about what styles, patterns, and colors will photograph well. It guides you on how to mix and match them for the entire family to create a beautiful, cohesive look, along with other helpful tips about photo session attire. You'll also receive access to my exclusive online styling tool to help you create a vision board for your wardrobe. It even has shoppable links! I have a small collection of women's dresses available to borrow for my sessions. Check out my blog post all about wardrobe here.

My Kids Might Act Up or Be Shy

I've been photographing families for over 5 years, and before that, I owned a daycare for 15. I have seen it all! I have worked with all types of personalities and dispositions. My goal is to get your child interacting with you, which can work great for all types of kids. High-energy games or quiet moments snuggling, will both produce amazing photographs that reflect your unique family. Staying positive and taking your child's lead can make for a great photo session with kids.

We Are So Awkward

I totally get it! I feel like I'm awkward, too! But I am going to help guide you into poses that look natural and beautiful. Much of your photo session will consist of you and your family interacting with one another, allowing me to capture true emotion and real smiles. For posed, looking-at-the-camera shots, I'll tell you where to put your hands! Don't worry, leave the thinking to me.

My Kids Have an Early Bedtime

I know this is a common concern for many parents with small kids. You see the session time and think, my kids are gonna be up past their bedtime for this! Most kids will be so distracted by the novelty of being outside and doing something new and different, that they won't melt down or become unruly. I try to keep an upbeat and fun mood during the session to keep kids happy. Snacks and a treat are great tools, as well as full tummies and a later nap on session day. I have a separate blog post for more tips for a successful photo session with small kids here.

Your photo session can be fun, easy and enjoyable! Just let me help you with all the details and you can walk away thinking, that wasn't so hard! And you'll end up with a beautiful photo gallery showcasing your precious family to cherish for a lifetime.

I'd love to be your Family Photographer in Concord, CA! Check out my photo session types and available dates here. And feel free to reach out with any questions. Let's go capture your memories!


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