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Five Reasons to Book a Spring Photo Session {Family Photographer in Martinez, CA}

Spring is often overlooked as a time for your annual family photo session. Traditionally, most families think about updating their photos in the Fall. But I'm here to tell you Spring is a beautiful time to schedule your session! I'd venture to say it may even be better than Fall! Let's dive into some of the reasons I think you should consider Spring for your next family photo session.

The Beautiful Landscape

I'll start with the most obvious! The green grass and the Spring blooms! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can find huge fields of wild mustard flowers. We also have beautiful patches of lupine, poppies, and other California native wildflowers. There is nothing quite as breathtaking as the rolling hills of green grass after a winter of rain. These all provide gorgeous backdrops to capture your family. As a Family Photographer in Martinez, CA and beyond, I absolutely love the colors of Spring, and I think you will, too!

A Later Sunset

With a later start time for your session, you can have more flexibility with scheduling. During Spring, with the later sunset, sessions will begin around 6:30- 7:30 PM. This can allow you to consider a weekday session, with time for everyone to get home from work and school and get ready for your photo session without having to take any time off or leave early. This can also free up your weekend! And those Spring sunsets...beautiful!

A Fresh Wardrobe

Traditionally, you are probably dressing your family in Fall attire for your family pictures. Think of how fun and refreshing it would be to come up with a fresh, colorful Spring wardrobe! You may want to focus on florals, light layers, or pops of pinks, blues, or yellows. The possibilities are really endless. And as always, I am here to help you with your wardrobe and I offer a Style Guide and online styling tool to every booked client!

Fresh Decor For Your Home

If you have professional family photos printed and displayed in your home, they are probably in a field of golden grass or a park where you're throwing leaves with your family. Now, don't get me wrong- I LOVE a gorgeous Fall setting! But sometimes a refresh for your home decor that includes family photos set in colorful green hills or a field of wildflowers can really bring a fresh feel to your space!

Holiday Cards- check!

Guess what? It's perfectly acceptable to use a photograph from any time throughout the year for your holiday card! Imagine getting that checked off your list this early! What a gift to relieve yourself of one more thing to do during that busy time of the year. And you can also get ahead of the game by creating photo prints as gifts for grandparents and other loved ones- all before July!

A Spring photo session can provide you with new, unique photographs of your family to cherish for a lifetime. From the colorful landscapes to the Spring-inspired wardrobes, you won't regret having your family captured in this gorgeous season!

Are you ready to have your family's love and joy captured this Spring? I'd love to chat! Visit my booking site to explore the available dates remaining for this Spring. I can't wait to help you create lasting memories!


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