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What should I do when I receive my photo session gallery?| Clayton, CA Family Photographer

mom and her two daughters walking along a path ay Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord, CA, wearing dresses

Hooray! You've received your photo session gallery email from your Clayton, CA Family Photographer! Now what?

Your password-protected online digital photo gallery will be delivered via email about three weeks after your photo session. After all the prep work you did for your session and the photo session itself, you've been waiting excitedly for this day. You can't wait to see how the photographs turned out! I'll walk you through your next steps here!

mother and young daughter touching noses and smiling whild embracing

Look through your photos with your family

You'll probably be tempted to take a peek on your phone as soon as you see the email notification. (I always am!) Go ahead and take a look! But once the family is all together later that day, I highly suggest pulling up your gallery on your computer, or even casting it to your TV, and looking through them together! It could even be fun to put on your favorite playlist while you look. Kids love looking at photos of themselves, especially the sweet or silly ones! Take some time to oooh and ahhh and pick out your favorites together.

mother dancing with her two young daughters under the golden sunlight on a hilltop

Download your photos and save them in at least two locations

This is so important! You'll want to make sure you save those photos and have at least one backup. I have another blog post talking about digital photo storage you can check out here. You want to be sure you have access to your precious photo memories for years to come.

My gallery delivery software allows you to download the entire gallery at once on a desktop or laptop computer. You can also download one photo at a time on your smartphone. (Pro Tip: If you have a Mac and an iPhone, download your photos to your computer, and then airdrop them to yourself!)

mother embracing two young daughters on a path at Lime Ridge Open Space during golden hour

Tell your photographer what you think

As your Clayton, CA Family Photographer and as an artist, I love to hear what you think about your photo gallery. A quick email or text can truly make my day!

two sisters dancing in dressy dresses during golden hour on grassy hilltop in Concord, CA

Share online

Sharing your digital images online is fun and easy! Your friends and family will love seeing your beautiful images, and it's heartwarming to receive comments about how cute your kids are and how much they've grown. Your new photos are perfect for updating your social media profile pictures, too. When sharing your photos online, I'd love a tag! It's a great way to help spread the word about my small business. (Thank you, I appreciate my clients so much!)

mother and two daughters' hand intertwined in lap

Order quality prints

Your photos aren't meant to live on a hard drive! I can't stress the importance of printing your photos enough. It's so wonderful to display these special photos of your loved ones at home and work, so you can enjoy them every day. And as I mentioned before, kids love seeing pictures of themselves!

But, you don't want to print your professional photographs just anywhere. This is not the time for drugstore or discount print shops. I have another blog post about the importance of a professional print shop here. You can order true-to-color, archival-quality prints directly from your photo gallery by clicking on the shopping cart or shopping bag icon. There are many sizes and finishes to choose from, and they will be delivered directly to your door. This is my top recommendation for how to obtain quality prints. If you choose to order prints from outside of your gallery, I recommend using or

Some other great ideas are photo books and gifts for grandparents! There are endless possibilities for your gorgeous prints.

mother and two young daughters playfully dancing on a grassy hilltop during golden hour

Leave a Google review

A 5-star Google review is like gold for small businesses like mine! People buy from people they trust, and real-life reviews from actual clients can help build that trust immensely. Google reviews also greatly help SEO, bringing new eyes to my business. So as you can see, a positive Google review is SO appreciated! I know life is extremely busy, so I truly thank you for taking the time out of your day to leave your review for me. Click here to leave a review! (Thank you!)

Young girl gazing up from her mother's lap, who is seated on a grassy hilltop

Enjoy your photos for years to come

By saving your digital images to several locations, printing and displaying them, sharing them online, and creating photo gifts and books, you can enjoy them for years to come! You and your children will love looking back at the laughs, cuddles, and small details we captured during your photo session. And they will only become more beloved with time.


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