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Spring Photos at Mt. Diablo | Family Photo Session in Clayton, CA

family photo session on mt. diablo at sunset

Embracing Spring with a Family Photo Session at Mt. Diablo in Clayton, CA

As the weather begins to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom, I love nothing more than a gorgeous family photo session among the fresh green grass and flowing creeks. The burst of colorful new life adds vibrancy and whimsy to your session, giving a playful and carefree feel to your photos.

This family photo session took place in Clayton at Mt. Diablo in April, when the poppies were blooming and the creek was flowing, creating a beautiful setting to capture the family's joyful connection. As we explored the different areas of the location, we were all delighted by the sights, sounds, and smells, which added to the overall happy mood, resulting in genuine smiles and real laughter.

The family's Spring-colored wardrobe was the perfect touch to really make the photos pop! The setting and wardrobe paired with their fun-loving and easy-going personalities made the entire session a joy. I loved capturing their story. Let me know if you spot the photo-bombing cat!

mom, dad and preschool daughter playing in a field of grass and poppies
mom, dad, and young daughter playing in clayton creek
toddler girl crossing creek as parents look on, all smiling
mom and dad looking at baby daughter as she laughs, all standing on a gree grassy hilltop at mt. diablo
mom and dad swinging daughter by her arms through a poppy field

Are you ready to book your own joy-filled family session? Let's start planning! Reach out here!


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