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Capturing the Simple Magic of Family | Concord, CA Family Photographer

I love spending time with my clients during their family photo session! It's such a privilege to get a glimpse into their world, get a feel for their vibe, and have the opportunity to allow their personalities to shine, while capturing it all for them in photos!

This was year number two with this amazing family. All kids have different demeanors and I really try to get a feel for each child's personality so that I can help them feel comfortable working with me. Some kids prefer to be spoken to less, some really like to chat it up! These girls were talkative and responded well to me visiting with them throughout the session. No matter their disposition, as your Concord, CA Family Photographer, I want them to feel at ease so that I can capture their true colors.

The girls had the sweetest connection with each other. The photos I captured of the two of them together are some of my favorites! One day they can look back at these photos of the early years of their sister friendship. Mom and Dad were wonderful to work with and I could tell the girls were the lights of their lives. I love helping families capture and preserve this magic!

Are you ready to capture your own family magic? Online booking is easy! Or, if you have questions first, I'm always happy to chat!


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