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Capturing Multigenerational Memories: Best East Bay Location for Family Photo Sessions with Kids and Seniors

Extended Family Photo Sessions with Kids and Seniors

Extended Family sessions are a popular choice among families who value the connection between multiple generations of their family. Many families enjoy these photo sessions and opt to have them done yearly to document the growth of their entire family. Many families will choose to have their photo session done around the holidays, when families typically gather together. Other times, they'll center the photo session around a milestone such as a birthday, an important anniversary, or a family reunion. These extended family sessions are a beautiful way to help solidify the family bond and create lasting visual, tangible treasures to be enjoyed and cherished for generations. These photographs become a part of the tapestry of the family's collective history.

The beautiful family featured here is the family of my friend and fellow photographer, Jenn, of Jenn Chen Photography. Jenn has made it a priority to schedule an extended family photo session each year, and I've had the privilege of photographing two of those! She has expressed how valuable and important it is to her to have these photo memories, and especially loves making sure to get photos with her grandma and her kids. This session spans 4 generations!

Naturally, an extended family photo session will likely have a range of ages from seniors to small kids. This mix of ages can present a unique set of needs during the photo session.

For seniors, factors such as mobility issues or discomfort may require special attention. Adapting to their physical capabilities, comfort, and energy levels is crucial to make their experience enjoyable, and to the success of the photo session.

Kids, on the other hand, bring their own set of needs. Some kids may be shy or timid. Others may be full of energy. Kids typically have a shorter attention span and require patience and flexibility from the photographer. Developing a rapport and a playful environment with kids is a great way to make them feel comfortable and cooperative.

Successful photo sessions with this mix of age groups require a blend of patience, adaptability, and a keen understanding of their unique needs, in a setting that can foster all of these requirements.

My Favorite East Bay Location for Extended Family Photo Sessions: Roberts Regional Recreation Area

The location of the shoot is a crucial part of making these extended photo sessions a success. I have a few locations throughout the East Bay Area that I like to use for extended family sessions, but this one really hits all the marks and has become a favorite! I think it's the best East Bay location for family photo sessions with kids and seniors!

Roberts Regional Recreation Area in Oakland, California is a breathtaking backdrop for your extended family photo session. It's a lush grove of fragrant redwood trees that help set a calming and magical mood while providing a stunning background for your heartwarming photographs.

Why I Love the Redwoods for Kids and Seniors

Easy access: This location is easy to get to, with abundant parking. The actual spot where we take the photographs is steps from the parking lot, and on even ground, perfect for individuals with mobility issues. It's also accessible for wheelchairs and walkers.

Many of my favorite locations in the East Bay require lots of walking, and even short hikes uphill, which simply won't work for some seniors, small kids, or other individuals. This simply isn't the case here at the Redwoods, where the ground is mostly flat and even, and close to the parking lot. This doesn't mean we are losing out on the gorgeous, breathtaking backdrops we'd find at the more difficult-to-access spots, though! We step right into a magnificent forest of towering, lush, green redwood trees!

Amenities: The park has several public restrooms. This is such a game-changer for me! Many of my favorite locations do not have restrooms, and I find them to be a great perk for seniors and small kids. And for myself, too!

We will also find several benches and picnic tables for seniors to sit and rest before, during, or after the photo session. This is vital for many families with senior citizens.

Atmosphere: People of all ages will instantly be enchanted by the atmosphere in the redwoods. The towering and majestic trees create a sense of awe and wonder. The air is infused with a fresh, earthy scent. The ambiance evokes a peaceful, serene, timeless feeling of connection to nature. Kids love to explore the forest. This setting creates the perfect mood for capturing amazing family connection, resulting in a stunning photo gallery for your extended family session.

As you can see, the redwood grove at Roberts Regional Recreation Area is a perfect choice to capture your next extended family photo session, and create those timeless and priceless photo memories. To learn more and book your session, visit my website!


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