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Generations of Love | Extended Family Photo Session at Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord, CA

at Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord

Extended Family Photo Sessions can be crazy and chaotic to plan and execute, but you'll never regret capturing these priceless moments!

extended family of 10 smiling at the camera on a hilltop in Concord, CA

When capturing your extended family photos, I aim to maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure everyone can truly be themselves. This approach brings out genuine expressions and authentic personalities, resulting in stunning and endearing photographs.

family playing joyfully on hilltop in Concord, CA
mom dancing with her twin daughters in twirly dresses on golden hilltop

Picture this: Your dad playing with his grandchildren or your kids cuddled up with their cousins. These memories captured forever to look back on when everyone is all grown up. With a little planning, this is totally possible! And as always, I'll help with wardrobe planning, and during your session I'll help guide you into natural, playful, connected poses. I've also got you covered with a catalog of gorgeous East Bay locations to choose from.

grandpa playing eoth his grandchildren at sunset at Lime Ridge Open Space

I almost always start with the entire group, to make sure we get that important photo! A few posed while looking at the camera, a few interacting with each other. Next, we break down into smaller groups, based on what your family desires. This usually includes each family unit, the grandparents with their grandkids, all the kids together, etc. Time is allowed for kids who need breaks, a snack, or a moment to explore.

A Fun and Playful Family Photo Session at Lime Ridge Open Space

I love this spot for Family Photo Sessions at Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord! It's a 5 minute walk up the hill, where you'll find a grassy open space with a nice dirt path surrounded by fields of grass and tall eucalyptus trees, overlooking the city below. The sun sets behind the trees, providing gorgeous golden light perfect for capturing your family moments.

What are you waiting for? Let's create lasting memories you can look back on for years to come! These are the good old days, let's capture the magic!

Reach out to start planning with me here!


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