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Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session | Bay Area Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to take Sarah’s maternity pictures when she reached out to me. She had the perfect dress picked out and I had the perfect spot picked out. But the babies had a different plan and decided it was time to come two days before the shoot!

We never did get to do that maternity shoot, but Sarah asked if I’d do newborn pictures. I hadn’t done any newborn pictures yet and honestly, was a little intimidated by the thought of them. Between the indoor lighting, swaddling, and posing, it is much different than what I’d been doing thus far. But I decided to give it my best shot and started researching different styles. I really loved the natural lifestyle pictures, but all of the cute baskets and furry blankets and wraps appealed to me too. So I sort of planned for a mix, leaning more toward the lifestyle type. I checked in with Sarah about all of this and she was so easygoing and just said she trusted whatever I wanted to do!

After the babies spent some time in the NICU, they finally got to go home and we planned the shoot for when they were just over a month old.

The day of the shoot was cloudy, so I was a little worried about lighting. But when I arrived at their beautiful home, Omar and Sarah let me go through their house looking for the best light and opening all of their curtains and blinds. Their bedroom ended up having perfect light so we did most of the shoot there. The babies were simply adorable and their big sisters were so sweet and polite. The whole family looked great and we captured lots of shots of everyone, focusing on the babies of course. :)

As a Bay Area Newborn Photographer, I don’t think I could have asked for much better circumstances to work with for my FIRST newborn shoot! Between the beautiful babies, family, and home, it was a lovely session. I fell in love with the results. I hope Sarah and Omar love their pictures as much as I do!


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