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Clayton, CA In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

mom, dad, and pet dog sitting in front of baby's crib, all looking at baby in mom's arms

Discover the Ease and Beauty of an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

with your Clayton, CA In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

A newborn session in your home is the perfect way to document those first magical, beautiful, terrifying, amazing days with your new little one. If packing up your newborn and making your way to a photography studio sounds way too daunting, let me come to you!

You won't have to worry about forgetting important items because the photo session will take place in the comfort of your home, with everything you need to keep your baby safe, fed, clean, and happy. This lets you focus on connecting with your baby and partner so that we can capture those gorgeous loved-filled photographs.

As your Clayton Newborn Photographer, I love incorporating elements of your home into your photo session. When I look back at old photos from my childhood, I love seeing the items in the background that made our house a home all those years ago. Someday these photos will spark joy and a sense of their family beginnings for your little one.

Another perk? Including your pets! This family had the sweetest dog who is absolutely a part of the family. It was perfect to be able to include her in the photo session.

Are you expecting a new baby? I'd love to come to your home and capture cozy, heartwarming moments for your new little family. If you'd like to reserve a spot in my schedule, you can book a tentative date now, and we'll finalize a session date once your baby arrives and you know when you'd like your session to take place. Reach out here and we can start planning!

dog snuggling in mom's arm, while mom holds newborn baby in other arm
mom, dad, and newborn baby sitting on couch with pet dog in focus in the foreground
looking down on new parents admiring newborn baby on white bed
pet dog smiling and posing near mom with newborn baby in her arms on white bed
mom holding newborn baby in a nursery decorated in a beach theme
view form hall looking into beach-themed nursery, mom and dad sitting on floor with newborn baby
close up of newborn baby's feet on a white bed
mom and dad smiling at newborn baby in their stylish dining room decorated with indoor plants
newborn baby sleeping peacefully in his mother's arms, shot from above
mom and dad sitting on their front porch with their newboen baby, dad holding baby while mom kisses baby's head
newborn baby's hand holding his dad's thumb


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