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East Bay Newborn Photographer | In-Home Newborn Photos

collage of newborn baby boy photos from an in-home newborn photo session

Cozy and Intimate Lifestyle Newborn Photos with your East Bay Newborn Photographer

An in-home newborn photo session is the perfect way to capture those real-life moments at home with your brand new baby.

Adjusting to life with a newborn can be challenging. Bringing a photographer to your home eliminates the need to travel to a studio. Many parents love this so that they can focus on enjoying the moment without the added stress of traveling with their new little one.

As your East Bay Newborn Photographer, my goal is to create a relaxing environment during your in-home photo session so that we can capture those cozy, sweet moments of your precious newborn, as well as the deep connection between parents and baby.

Don’t worry if your home is small! Don't have a nursery? No problem! We just need some space to cuddle and some pockets of window light. I'm here to capture your family's precious moments with your baby, first and foremost. I'll look for well-lit areas of your home and focus on family connection.

You do not need to deep clean your home! All that is needed is to clear clutter from the areas we will be photographing. We are just trying to avoid messy backgrounds. I'll also help with minor staging and tidying as we go.

I‘ll help you pose, and prompt you to cuddle, interact, and connect with your family to capture those beautiful and heartwarming moments. The result will be a sweet gallery of this magical time, all captured in the home where you first became a family.

Ready to start planning your in-home lifestyle newborn photo session? Reach out to me here!


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